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During the spring 2012 semester, I successfully proposed and completed an academic internship in the Mt. Lebanon Library Book Cellar. My assigned duties were primarily sorting, researching and pricing donated items for resale. On average, incoming book donations ranged from 300-500 per week. Due to esoteric content, many books were rejected for resale. I proposed a concept which was acknowledged by library personnel that I would approach a local bookseller to purchase a genre of books that I recognized as befitting of their respective clientele. A business relationship developed and continues to gain extra income for the library upwards of a thousand dollars. I completed 150+ hours in this position. 

Mt. Lebanon Book Cellar (LibraryThing)


For the past year, I worked as the Office Manager for the University of Pittsburgh on their Archive of European Integration Open Access Digitization Project. This archive contained over 59,000 documents regarding European Governmental Affairs (trade, culture, environmental studies, etc) from the 1950’s to present. I was responsible for improving the workflow on a team of 4 people by streamlining the processing and scanning of documents for archiving and cataloging. I also served as supervisor to student workers who were volunteering in the department. 

For one year (August 2014-15), I worked as a part-time (10-14 hours/week) paid intern the Children’s Institute Medical Library in Squirrel Hill. Within this position, I worked alongside the librarian to coordinate and streamline materials to visitors regarding literacy, research, resources, databases, social networking and print materials. Towards the latter half of my internship, I was promoted to the “Interim Medical Librarian.” I received this placement through my university’s Partner’s Program to gain professional experience while enrolled full-time in my Master’s (MLIS) program. 


Children's Institute (Union O&P)

Hillman Library (Wikipedia)

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